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Why Shop With Us Online?


Yoghi by Makers Inc. ensures your peace of mind with our deployment of advanced security technologies. is optimized to make your online shopping experience as safe and secure as possible. Our website is dedicated to ensure maximum security on all of your personal details and information and not only are we committed to making your shopping online secure, but also convenient and trusted.

All your personal information is stored securely on our password-and-firewall protected servers.

We process payment transactions via:


Want to know if your personal details are being sent securely or not? Choose your specified Internet Browser and follow these simple steps:

Select TOOLS then INTERNET OPTIONS and then click the SECURITY tab. Make sure that the warning boxes are ticked.
Select TOOLS then OPTIONS on the tools menu, and then click on the SECURITY tab. Next, go into the settings of the warning messages section, make sure that all the warning boxes are ticked.
Select PREFERENCES on the Safari Menu and after that click on the SECURITY tab, make sure that all the warning boxes are ticked
Select the TOOLS button on the browser toolbar, then select settings. Click show ADVANCED SETTINGS where you will find all the security settings that you can adjust from Privacy to SSL Settings.

When you are done with your shopping, we highly recommend that you close your browser, particularly if it was on a shared PC and not your personal one. This is efficient so that the temporary Internet cookies stored from any website you may have visited are deleted ensuring your personal details are not accessible by anyone else.

We hope you enjoy secure shopping with

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