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Texas Instruments TI-30X Pro MultiView

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 The TI-30X Pro MultiView has been designed in collaboration with practitioners all over the world. The MultiViews provide learners with more than a scientific calculator. The MultiViews are learning tools to engage in exploring and learning mathematics; from the start of secondary education to create a solid foundation for learning advanced mathematical and science concepts during secondary education and beyond.
The TI-30X Pro MultiView provides advanced mathematical functionality to address the needs of mathematical computations in computer science and engineering courses and for curricula where graphics technology is not allowed or not valued.

The TI-30X Pro MultiView enriches learning and exploring:
- High Quality MultiView display to see more than one calculation, compare results and explore patterns
- Mathematical Notation as seen in ttextbooks, so no need to get used to technical syntax
- Easy scrolling and editing
- Menu structure for easy access to commands
- Toggle key for conversion between fractions and decimals

Functionality of the TI-30X Pro MultiView includes:
Multi-Line Display 
Scrollable History 
Mode Menu 
Menu Structure 
Exact Arithmetic with PI and SQR 
Fraction versus Decimal & Exact versus Approximate 
Function Tab Keys 
Variable Management 
Data List Editor & Statistics 
Function Table and Expression Evaluation 
Advanced Maths Functionality 
Derivative & Integral 
Vectors & Matrices 
Complex Numbers 
Constants and Conversions 
Number Systems
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Brand Texas Instruments
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