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Tesla Amazing - Magnetic Pad - 50 Pages (A4) Pink

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Tesla Amazing - Magnetic Pad - 50 Pages (A4) Pink

Stick without Any Adhesive! With a patented technology utilizing static charge between objects, these premium note papers can stick to surfaces without using any adhesives like glue, pins, or tapes. No residue left after use since they do not use any glue!

 Stick and Slide Magnetic Notes stick on their whole surfaces, and can easily slide on attaching surfaces since they only use static charge to cling on.

 Stick to Any Surface Magnetic Notes stick to most materials such as glass, metal, leather, paper, bricks, etc.. Stick on both sides of Magnetic Notes, and dry-erasable on the back side.

 Soft-Feel Surface, Beautiful Colors Magnetic Notes feel great to write on, and come in various, bright colors.
Eco-Friendly Material with Strict Standard Following Finland’s strict environmental standard, Magnetic Pad is completely eco-friendly as they only use static, not adhesives.

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Brand Tesla Amazing
Item Code 10385
Barcode 4744297010385
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